Thesis Abstract

Samsuri. Of 2012. Principal Role In Improving Competence Paedagogik AL Teachers in junior high PAI-Hikmah Jl. Gayungsari Surabaya, Thesis, Master of Management Graduate School of Islamic Education Islamic University of Malang State Maulana Malik Ibrahim, Advisor: (I) Dr.H. Maimun Agus, M. Pd. And Advisors (II) Dr. H. Sugeng Listyo Prabowo, M. Pd.

Keywords: Role of the Principal, Strategy Principal, Teacher Competency Paedagogik PAI.
In the effort to improve the quality of education, competence paedagogik teacher is one very important factor. Efforts to improve teacher competence paedagogik can be done by optimizing the role of principals as: educator, manager, administrator, supervisor, leader, job creation and entrepreneurial businessman ilkim.
The school principal should be able to play a role in improving the competence paedagogik Islamic religious education teachers, so that the learning process does not saturate and produce quality graduates. Departing from the above background, this study aims to: (1) describing the role of Principal in Improving Teacher Competency Paedagogik Islamic Education in Junior High School AL-Hikmah Jl. Gayungsari Surabaya, (2) describes the principal strategy to improve teacher competence paedagogik Islamic Education in Junior High School AL-Hikmah Gayungsari Jl Surabaya, and (3) describe the successes achieved in improving the competence of the Principal Teacher paedagogik Islamic Education in Junior High School AL Jl-Hikmah. Gayungsari Surabaya.

This study used a qualitative approach to the type of case studies. The method of data collection by using the method of observation, documentation and interviews. To analyze the data using the five stages of the research, data collection, data reduction, data presentation, drawing tentative conclusions, verification, drawing final conclusions as the findings. Then check the validity of the data using triangulation.
The results showed that: (1) The role of school principals in enhancing teacher competence paedagogik Islamic Religious Education in a way as to optimize the role of school principals (EMASLIMM) educator, manager, administrator, supervisor, leader, innovator, motivator, and the mediator. (2) the principal strategy in improving the competence of the Islamic Religious Education Teacher paedagogik there are four strategies, namely (a) internal strategy of the institution, (b) inter-agency strategy sister school of higher education in the country, (c) inter-agency strategy sister school education and between the State, (4) strategies with government agencies. (3) The success of the principal in improving teachers’ pedagogical competence PAI which include: the ability to manage learning, understanding of learners, learning design, implementation of educational and dialogical learning, the use of learning technology, evaluation learning, and development of learners.

The suggestion that the write is: (1) To quickly realize the program of study for teachers lajut to S2 PAI permanent teachers who are becoming the foundation, (2) To keep the strategy that has been dilakasanakan and improve in the areas of supervision, (3) To maintain the building which has been going on while searching for new breakthroughs in coaching and teaching with ICT systems.
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